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  • Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. From doing volunteering work and leading eco-friendly lifestyles at the individual level, to innovating green solutions at a company level, keeping our planet clean and green requires cohesive efforts. In terms of recycling and domestic waste management, EGP plays an important role in the 30 by 30 Singapore Green Plan. Our first-of-its-kind Mechanical Biological Plant is able to increase materials recovery rate and process unwanted food waste into high calorific SRF for power generation while reducing landfill waste significantly. As a result, we are able to prolong our only landfill’s lifespan and Singapore would be closer to achieve its recycling targets by 2030. We are committed and are seeking other ways to create a more sustainable living environment for everyone.

EGP strives to continually improve our performance by


Providing high engineering standard in electrical installation in order to maximize customer satisfaction through continual improvement of the QEHS management system


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Social Responsiblity

Our Valued Partners

We believe in conducting fair business with honesty and integrity while treating our partners with respect.  For any of your project needs, Contact Us.

Company Philosophy

EGP adopts an Open-Door Policy for all our employees. In keeping with the Company’s philosophy of open communication, we encourage all employees to speak freely with the management about their job-related concerns, ideas or recommendations.