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Smart Grid and Green Solutions

Smart grid refers to an electricity grid which the flow of electricity and data between the power utilities and consumers is bidirectional. This is possible as the smart grid is equipped with digital communication technologies that make it more efficient, reliable, flexible and ‘greener’. Renewables such as solar power and biomass plants are essential components of microgrids, which can function independently from the main grid. In a traditional grid, power generation is centralised and flow of power is from utilities to consumers only.

In terms of energy storage, a traditional electricity grid has almost no storage capabilities; they are demand driven and have a hierarchical structure whereas in a smart grid, energy storage systems help to stabilise the grid by balancing the load and increases flexibility.

Smart grid also possesses self-healing capabilities which enable it to automatically detect and respond to grid problems and ensure swift recovery after grid disturbances. Some elements of a smart grid include: advanced metering, green energy such as solar and wind, distributive energy resources, energy storage systems and electrical vehicles.

Pilot Mechanical & Biological Plant

Our Consortium between Eastern Green Power and Hangzhou Jinjiang Group has been awarded by NEA to design, build and operate Singapore’s first-of-its-kind Mechanical & Biological Treatment (MBT) Plant.

The facility is able to handle 500 tonnes of domestic waste per day, translating to about 7 per cent of domestic waste in Singapore. The municipal solid waste (MSW) is treated by extracting the recyclables such as metals, plastics etc through mechanical sorting and the remaining waste will be converted into solid recovered fuel (SRF) through biological treatment technologies. Through sorting and bio-treatment, the SRF produced will have a higher Calorific Value (CV) which can be used to produce high-temperature and high-pressure steam to power turbine-generators, thus greatly increases the electricity output.

Biomass Plant

This biomass power plant is designed to support the Singapore’s Future Grid and Environmental Goals by:
  • Acting as Distributive Energy Resource (DER) in the electrical grid
  • Maximising waste to energy, reducing our reliance on natural gas
  • Prolonging our only landfill’s lifespan by minimizing the amount of solid waste produced through advanced boiler incineration technology and improved flue gas emission system
  • Supporting future business expansions
  • Increase Carbon Credit

Track Record

(Smart Grid and Green Solutions)

Project TitleTypeProject AwardedStatus
Kusu Island 1kWpSolar2014Completed
Pulau Ubin 30kWpSolar2017Completed
Satellite Earth Station 40kWpSolar2018Completed
URA Carpark Signboards (283 units)Solar2019Completed
Mechanical Biological PlantRenewable Energy2021In Progress
Biomass Power PlantRenewable Energy2021Completed
200MW Battery Storage System on Jurong Island (HV/MV Electrical Equipment Supplier)Energy Storage System2022Completed

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